Essential Oil Jewelry 

What’s better than a beautiful piece of jewelry? A beautiful piece of jewelry that’s also an aromatherapy diffuser! Each item comes with small felt pads or lava stones, which can be infused with essential oils. Experience the healing power of aromatherapy all day long! A great gift for friends and family, too. We’ve chosen only high-rated, quick-shipping items… Just click the pictures to learn more or to purchase from Amazon.


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Aromatherapy Lockets:

Each locket comes with a variety of flat felt pads in different colors. Just pick a color and infuse the pad with a few drops of essential oil, and enjoy your favorite scent all day! These lockets are so versatile, since you can choose a different color to match your mood or outfit.

Aromatherapy Necklaces with Lava Stones:

Infuse the lava stones with your favorite essential oil, and snap them into these elegant necklaces. Then, enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy all day long! 


Diffusers for Men:

Made for men, these diffusers feature a masculine design with the same infusion options for constant, portable aromatherapy.

Essential Oil Bracelets:

In a variety of styles from casual to elegant, these bracelets use lava stones, beads, and felt to diffuse soothing essential oils. Beat stress, anxiety, and pain with aromatherapy… and look good doing it!


Gift Sets:

Perfect for gifts, these sets include essential oils for your friends and family who are just beginning the aromatherapy journey. Great for any gift-giving occasion, or just to let a loved one know you’re thinking of them.

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