Herbal Supplements

These herbal supplements are crafted to address a variety of health concerns. Single herbs or blended formulas, each bottle contains pure and potent remedies that are safety tested and satisfaction guaranteed. Created for Dr. Group’s Global Healing Center, these are high-quality as well as vegetarian and kosher. Click the images to purchase or learn more!


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Herbal Blends:

Crafted to address a variety of health issues, these remedies are a blend of different herbs that work together to bring results.

Allertrex Natural Lung Cleanser for resperatory support 

Ginseng Fuzion blend for energy and mental stability

Oregatrex Organic Oregano Oil Blend for nutrition, immune defense, and digestion

Cell Fuzion Advanced Antioxidant Formula powerful full-spectrum antioxidant

Aloe Fuzion: soothing concentrated formula supports nutrition, digestion, skin, and hair

Androtrex blend to support energy, wellness and vitality for men

Prostrex blend supports prostate and urinary function in men

Female Fuzion hormone balance and increased vitality for women

Single Herbs:

These single-herb remedies are strong, pure, and organic. Crafted with care from all-natural, raw plants, you’ll find a variety of herbs to aid and support your heatlh.

Organic turmeric with black pepper to reduce inflammation, ease pain, and aid digestion 

 Organi Tulsi for calm nerves, restful sleep, and renewed energy

Moringa raw herbal extract. Boost your energy with natural minerals and vitamins

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