Vitamins and Minerals

Many commercial vitamin and mineral supplements contain chemical compounds, fillers, and preservatives. Herbal supplements from the Global Healing Center are all natural, plant-derived, and free of chemicals, GMOs, gluten alcohol and sugar. They are safety tested, held to the highest quality standards, and come with a money-back guarantee! To purchase or learn more, click the images.


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Derived from pure plant extracts, these supplements are vitamins as nature meant them to be.

Suntrex vitamin D for healthy bones and mood support

Biotin from natural sesbania extract

Moringa with more than 40 antioxidants 

Vegansafe Organic B12 pure, bioavailable, and safe for all diets


Most people do not get enough minerals in their diet. These supplements are pure and bioavailable for better absorption.

Detoxadine organic liquid nascent idodine

Intracal calcium orotate for strong bones and cardiovascular health

Iron Fuzion plant-based natural extract for energy and mental clarity 

Zinc Fuzion vegan-safe formula for immune function and skin

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