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Detoxing is a recognized method to bolster health and begin to manage the uncomfortable symptoms of a long list of illnesses. As Dr. Edward Group has pointed out to us, detoxing is key to get the root of a problem, and any effort to treat illness without it only touches upon surface-level symptoms… and does not get to the root of the problem.

Detoxing the body helps to free us to heal from inflammation, pain, brain fog, and gut issues, just to name a few of the benefits. But how much good is it really doing if our environment is only re-toxifying our bodies yet again?

Fortunately, there are steps you can begin to adopt that reduce the toxins in your environment.

Declare War on Mold

Pain Revealed expert Dr. Dan Pompa warns of mold toxicity, a common problem in homes resulting from current construction practices. If you have a leak anywhere in your home or humidity above 50%, you probably have some mold! Achy joints and stiffness are common symptoms, and waking pain with the need for a few minutes to warm up your joints is a classic sign of mold toxicity. 

He recommends a dust sample be tested – a method known as EMRI. This method is more accurate than an air sample testing. If you find mold, it must be remediated by experts who can properly contain it so that your home is not further infected.

Ann Shippy MD, a functional medicine doctor in Texas, agrees with Dr. Pompa, and believes that mold toxicity is an epidemic. She explains that mold makes mycotoxins that can cause cancer and are toxic to the liver and nervous system – they can also damage mitochondria. “They can really affect a lot of the body and cause a lot of symptoms and a lot of disorders… including auto-immunity,” she adds. Citrus pectin, clay, and charcoal are a few of the tools she uses to help patients through this detox process.

Clear the Air

Dr. Rachel Fresco L. AC. PhD takes on some other toxins that you can remove from your environment: “You only have to wake up to be surrounded by toxins and be surrounded by poor air quality… There’s so many things that cause our immune system to stop functioning, and when our immune system doesn’t function well, of course, we get sick.”

First, she suggests we get rid of every artificially scented thing in the house. Anything labeled perfume or fragrance is toxic, “Can you imagine you’re spraying Febreeze on your carpet, and you’re putting your Glade plug-in in, and you’re putting this stuff all over your body, and you wonder why you have cancer? I mean, how much do you expect your body can tolerate?”

She adds that if you can afford it, get a good air purifier to clean your environmental air. Instead of chemical air fresheners, diffuse organic essential oils to scent your home and create a relaxing, healthy environment.

Dr. Fresco also suggests removing electromagnetic pollution as well, at least around where you sleep – the phone should not be sitting right by your head. 

Manage Mercury and Lose the Lead Paint

Chris Slade, the founder of Quicksilver Scientific, suffered from mercury contamination due to a mishandled mercury spill in a building he once worked in. Glutathione delivered intravenously is the primary way to treat this issue, and his condition prompted him to develop a form of liposomal glutathione that can be taken orally and effectively absorbed. 

Mercury contamination can result from vaccines and dental fillings as well, and other heavy metal contaminations can occur due to a variety of environmental factors in the home and workplace. We are exposed to these toxic substances daily through pollution, and even from tattoos and piercings. 

Consider visiting a holistic dentist if you have fillings, which must be removed carefully by an expert in order to avoid releasing toxins back into your body.

Lead paint is another source of heavy metals that can seriously affect your health…especially if you have children. You can purchase a lead testing kit for your home and for the soil in your yard, and see if there is lead in your home, and many states have lead abatement programs that will help you remediate lead both inside and outside of your home. If you have young children (or have children visiting your home frequently) you may even qualify for a grant that allows a certified team to strip and re-paint your home for free.

Watch Your Water

Speaking of lead and other heavy metals, do you know what’s in your drinking water? Depending on where you live, you may be exposed to lead that originates in older plumbing, as well as other contaminants like aluminum, copper, and fluoride.

In most communities, chlorine and fluoride are added to drinking water… and it’s healthier to have it filtered out. A simple easy-to-use water testing kit can help you discover what your drinking (as well as the PH level and hardness of your water). If you discover a problem, you can purchase a good filter to reduce your exposure to toxins.

An important step to consider in detoxing your home is to avoid cleaners containing bleach or that promise to kill 99% of germs. These cleaners are also killing your microbiome and sabotaging your immune system! Fortunately, natural cleaners are more readily available and affordable than ever. 

In fact, vinegar, baking soda, and a favorite essential oil can replace most household cleaners very inexpensively. Use vinegar and baking soda to scrub out toilets and sinks, and a couple of cups of vinegar in mop water with a few drops of essential oils for mopping your floors. Add a cup of vinegar and a few drops of oil to a spray bottle and top off with water for a great general-purpose cleaner – these are a few simple options that will save you money and have you feeling better!

The same idea goes for your yard – if a product has a list of warnings printed on the side, you don’t want to be exposed to it! Just having it in your yard means that it will get tracked in on shoes and by pets. Look for natural alternatives, and better yet, plant native species that are adapted to your environment and don’t require a load of products to maintain. 

The new year is a great time to start taking steps to detoxify your environment and reap the benefits. As you systematically replace chemicals in your environment and clean the air, you will strengthen your immune system, shake off brain fog, experience less inflammation, and feel better all-around in 2020!

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